Tess Webb

I have always enjoyed art and craft, growing up in the countryside my sister and I were usually drawing, painting and making things to entertain ourselves. 

When I left school I went to Art College in Dumfries, then went onto childcare and education where I studied and worked in schools and nurseries. My art and craft skills were very helpful when I was working with children and I continued learning as I planned and shared activities.

My first experience of making candles was while visiting my dad in the rocky mountains of Colorado when I was 17. I fell in love with the process and having candles to see us through any power cuts was a good feeling.

I started making my own candles when I learned more about the scented paraffin wax candles that I had been buying. They are made from petroleum, an unsustainable material and fragranced synthetically which is not healthy to breathe in. 

I began with soy wax which is wonderful with essential oils as it throws the scent well but it’s more suited to containers and I prefer pillars. It also didn’t last very long and the cost of the oils made them not very affordable. 

When I opened the box of my first beeswax order, I was hypnotised by the scent and feel of the material, so smooth and sweet. It brought back comforting memories of sitting by the fire with warm milk and honey before bed as a child. When melted it turns into a beautiful golden liquid and once hardened is very satisfying to pull out of the mould as it’s a heavy dense wax. The density is what gives it such a long burn time, making it last much longer than any other candle I had made before. 

Beeswax costs a bit more but it lasts much longer. It’s natural scent is heavenly, the light it puts out is very bright and burning them actually cleans the air of impurity giving the room a comfortable relaxing atmosphere. 

Making these candles has become such an important part of my life. Creating with warm wax and building a stock pile of candles has been the hidden side story of my life as a parent. 

I’ve been selling them in local shops and craft fairs since 2019 and it’s wonderful to see it grow and expand as my son grows up and becomes independent. I’m excited about the future and where the candles will take me next.