Lesley Clayton

Ceramics and paintings inspired by nature.

Specialising in Printmaking at the beginning of my career. I still find process very important to my art. Having been a teacher of art for many years and during that time I enjoyed sharing these skills. Now retired from teaching, I have the time to experiment with my own creative ideas and also explore the nature on my door step along with my dog for company. Now living the dream and making art in South West Scotland in my home studio.

Mainly specialising in ceramics and painting. I make original handmade pots on the potter’s wheel. I also make paintings that are inspired by nature, such as flora and fauna I see on my walks, or from what I grow. Walking is important to my work as I produce work in series, inspired by a journey or place I have visited. I’m inspired by colour and patterns in the landscape or close up textures and shapes made by water on the beach at my feet. My ceramics and paintings feed each other. Pots become surfaces to decorate with coloured slips and textural marks of sgraffito and underglaze painting, in the same way as a canvas is used for painting. The shape of a vase will inspire a series of ceramics that steer the composition of my sketches. However, paintings also become finished pieces. 

In my studio at the moment, I am filling the kiln for the next bisque firing with a series of wheel thrown, landscape decorated pots. New sketches are also in progress for a different series of work. These are inspired by reflections, patterns and textures of trees in water.

Website:  www.ljclaytonarts.co.uk

Instagram: @lesleyclaytonarts

Folksy shop: shops/lesleyclaytonarts

Email: ljclaytonarts@outlook.com

Phone: 07929724662