Evelyn Mackintosh

Living in The South West of Scotland here in Dumfries and Galloway we are blessed with some of the best light in the country for painting and my little studio in the garden is the place where I capture and create most of my work.

While I have no formal training I have painted since I as a child and probably inherited some of my skills from my Grandfather who was a lovely water colourist. He did paint with oils too and I even have some of his paints just because I could never bring myself to dump them, fearing I might bin some of the magic that grandpa  left in my genes!

My favourite medium is oil paint but like other artists I use Acrylic if I need work completed in a hurry and watercolours are great for sketching or taking on holiday when you don’t have room in the suitcase for all the gear that an oil painting entails.

I’ve never lived far from the sea with the exception of a few years in Switzerland and my studio looks over the estuary here in Creetown so much of my work features big seas and wet sand. Original work starts at £12 for little minis which come with an easel to £750 for a large 48ins square canvas and everything in between.

You can buy mounted prints of my work in a variety of sizes as well as a selection of blank cards. or why not look on my website www.scottishartscapes.co.uk for a further selection  to browse.