Allie Wilson

I have always been interested in creating, whether it be working with wood, pencil, paint or clay. Growing up, doing art gave me great pleasure and this drove me to go to art college to develop my skills.

After experimenting with different mediums I decided to specialise in Ceramics at Cumbria College of Art and Design.

After working in other fields for a number of years I have now returned to my art and I currently have workshop space at Barnbarroch Pottery working alongside the extremely talented owner, Christine Smith. She has been very inspiring and my work has rapidly developed giving me the confidence to keep pushing my boundaries!

One of my hobbies is running – especially in the forests, and the time I spend there greatly influences my work. I love to create textures inspired by movement, on my pottery, this can be done with tools to make marks on the pots or with brush strokes of colour, either way I love the effect it gives. Recently I have found myself producing more abstract designs and l am thoroughly enjoying the artistic freedom that this gives me. Currently I am using Earthenware clay, coloured slips and a clear gloss glaze.