Artist Focus: Alison Corfield

Alison Corfield is an embroiderer and mixed media textile artist working with free machine embroidery, using her sewing machine as a tool for drawing.
Using a variety of different surfaces, from layers of transparent fabrics to backgrounds of collaged fabrics and papers, Alison creates interesting textures and surfaces. Her materials are often recycled, or treated with paint or dye.
Sketchbooks, sampling, drawing and exploring ideas are all part of Alison’s creative process. She has recently been working with ideas based on rocks, stones and lichens, exploring their textures and colours.
Alison makes embroidered pictures and smaller pieces including textile jewellery and covered notebooks. She also make vases/ vessels with fabrics and stitch, exploring the transparency of glass. Her aim is to produce work that is interesting, intriguing and reminiscent of places. This may be semi-abstract and partly from, her own feelings and responses to a place. Sometimes she may work with the very small details that inspire her and at other times take a larger view.