Tess Batham

Wild Hedgerow Soaps

Wild Hedgerow Soaps is a father/daughter team. We produce traditional cold process soaps made from high quality ingredients. Although it started as a hobby we have gradually developed our passion into a small business and our soaps are now fully assessed and EU certified. They are also vegan friendly, using foraged ingredients from all across Scotland, minimal packaging and no palm oil. Ever.

We’ve always enjoyed creating things as a family: A father & his daughters who are always on the hunt for a new project. Over the years this has led us through book binding, wood working, glass art, sewing, drawing & painting, jewellery making, natural fabric dyeing – with a steady interest in foraging, growing, preserving and natural remedies along the way. We have a kiln in the garage where we use recycled glass as much as possible to create bowls and wall plaques: Burnside Glass Works.

One of our favourite creative things to do as a family is festival production, putting on many parties and events at a variety of venues over the years; in particular the Lost n Found dance tent at Solfest in Cumbria. Making decorations, planning lighting and setting up spaces like this gives us so much freedom to be creative and is something we find very exciting. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing people dancing and having fun in a special environment that you have created.