Roaming Earthling Photography

Abstract Photography. 

I am an experimental abstract photographer, specialising in multiple exposure and recently moved to Kirkcudbright from Glasgow – an artist’s dream come true!

My work combines 2 images into one by using different techniques.

1. In the moment, with my DSLR camera programmed to layer 2 shots together.

2. Capturing images with my phone – individually and bringing them together with a double exposure app.

3. Shooting with DSLR then combining with apps later.

All of these techniques have the same thing in common – you don’t know exactly how they’ll turn out, so each photograph really is unique. Even if I have an idea in mind, the end result may be quite different. I prefer not to use photoshop, so despite how they look, my images have little tampering, beyond placing together and basic colour reduction/sharpening. This, in my opinion, gives a more organic, less polished feel, which is my aim.

Leaving school at 15, to study photography at college, I was very lucky to attend the last year of dark room practice! It was mesmerising and so I was hooked.

As an avid gig-goer, I was frustrated with how live concert photography doesn’t capture the atmosphere. The challenges are due to the change in light and this makes it difficult to take a decent photo. I began experimenting with the silhouettes and small details on stage – combining them to better portray the magic that resides at live shows. Experiencing music in the small space between stage and crowd, with a photo pass, is one of my greatest joys.

I work intuitively, allowing myself to be drawn and guided – trusting the process I’ve developed over the past 10 years. I still find it liberating, freeing, theraputic, inspiring, and grounding, plus, magical the way everything fits together.

This creative outlet supports my expression not just professionally but as part of my personal reflective process.