Rachel Ashcroft

Woman of the Woods:  I love working with wood to create beautiful one of a kind items that can be admired in people’s homes. I take my inspiration from the abundance of the landscape here in Dumfries and Galloway, especially the trees and woodlands- the renewable material I work with, the naturally occurring pattern and grain in the wood informs the shape and style of the finished product. I studied sculpture many years ago, before I re-trained as a woodworker, so part of me sees each item I make as a small sculptural object.

I also love the varying solway coastline where there aren’t so many trees growing in the sand, but you can find lots of driftwood. This is a material I like to work with as I never know what I might find on a particular day or a particular place. The different shapes, woods and patterns found within the beach worn exterior never fail to surprise me.