Rachael Noton

Being a lover of all kinds of art, I went from one medium to another, photography, photographic-modeling, writing and drawing. After some soul discovery, I went to college in 2018. This being the best decision I’ve ever made. Having a little girl in between, I did my NC, HNC and now in the final year of my HND, I have loved every minute of it.

I specialize in figurative drawings and paintings but also have a pure love for nature. I enjoy using different mediums such as soft pastels, charcoal, acrylic and some printing. I like to change mediums now and again to fit the type of picture I want to create. 

I usually draw or paint from home, or where ever I have access to my sketch book, and of course at college. 

I am inspired by all aspects of a woman’s beauty – the curves, edges, soft parts, tender parts. Every body is different and I enjoy the challenge of drawing a different body every time. If I see an interesting pose or shape I HAVE to draw it!

Facebook: rachnotonart

Instagram: @missnoton