Morag Macpherson

I’ve been creating surface patterns and patchworking unique and limited edition fabrics as a Textile Artist/Designer since 2006. I’m originally from Glasgow and now reside just outside Kirkcudbright, South-west Scotland since 2011. My previous life as a Graphic Designer was interesting. However, I enjoy the variety my process of working gives me: my own photography; researching concepts; simple line drawing; digital design; colouring and repeating patterns; abstract painting techniques and mark-making; and finally, the patchworking process teaches me patience. Inspiration comes from art history, anthropology and nature. My own travels are an integral part of the stories I patchwork. Colour is at the forefront of everything I do – I embrace it fearlessly to create my bold, bright fabrics. My work has taken on many forms – I’ve collaborated with an international street artist on wall murals; collaborated with fashion designers, interior designers and worked on high-profile commercial and residential projects in the USA; exhibited my work all over the world at interior design and craft exhibitions; I’ve worked with children on schools projects; talked in universities and museums; worked closely with photographers; taken on artist residencies; I’ve mentored graduates and been mentored myself; stocked shops, galleries and exhibitions all over the world; plus,  been featured in many glossy magazines, newspapers and TV and I’m currently working with a local community project, helping young people with autism. I would like to develop my own work in a different direction, which has environmental sustainability at the heart of every design choice and artistic process. I am continually learning new skills, to keep my approach to creating as spontaneous and vibrant as I possibly can. Last but not least . . . I am the founder member and current Director/Chair of Professional Artists Co-operative, trading as ‘Artists and Makers’ over three shop locations in Dumfries and Galloway.

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