Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is a local artist. In fact, so local, when you leave the shop and head up King Street just after Marchbanks Bakery if you look down the opening you will see his garden. There is every possibility you will hear some welding noises coming from his shed. You may even be lucky and catch a glimpse of his workshop assistant, Harry the Lhasa Apso.

Brian and his wife, Elaine have two grown up daughters, Bryony and Sophie. The business really is a family affair! Brian doing the hard work, with Elaine and the girls keeping him right with marketing and technology.

Brian began his business as a hobby after being inspired on a trip up North with Elaine. Following a visit to a blacksmith studio, which featured nuts and bolts, he mentioned to Elaine ‘I could do that’ 

Keen to try a new hobby Brian bought himself a basic mig welder. Looking for something unique and not too expensive, the concept of using cutlery began. His first sculpture was a dragonfly, followed by a frog and then, well things evolved from there. Locally, Brian and Elaine are known as Mr and Mrs Cutlery and as well as supporting the local charity shops, they have been inundated with cutlery from locals. Since he began this hobby, his use of materials has evolved, although cutlery continues to be the predominant metal.

For thirty years Brian’s employment was farm working, but following an accident at work, Brian with the support of his family, decided the time was right to turn his hobby into a full- time business.

As well as selling his creations, Brian also undertakes commissions. He is happy to discuss with his clients to ensure they are happy with the finished design.

Brian has purchased an engraver to personalise creations, should this be requested.

Telephone: 0784 590 2325


Facebook: BW Cutlery Creations