Anne Laird

Fine Art and Ceramics. 

I make individually designed cards, mixed media and water colour paintings and have fine art cards printed from some of my paintings. I would like to do more oil painting but need to find a suitable studio space as my garage is a bit too cold and damp. I also make stoneware ceramics.

My inspiration comes from various sources: a scene enjoyed, encounters with nature, emotions felt or a particular pattern of light.

Each piece of work has it’s own individual journey and the resulting work can be very different. Sometimes I explore a theme in different ways using different media. I am always excited to see how a piece of work unfolds.

I throw stoneware pots which I biscuit fire and then glaze.  The glaze colours I use are inspired by the themes that I am exploring in my other art work.  I am a bit of an experimental glazer and when waiting for my little kiln to cool I am like a child waiting for Christmas morning.