Roger Lever

In 2010 I took the bold step of reducing my hours as a veterinary surgeon to allow me to follow my passion for photography of the natural world.


Since then I have invested in quality cameras and lenses as well as computers and editing software. I have attended many photographic conventions and seminars in the last 10 years and have developed my knowledge and skill by doing so.


I have been fortunate enough to travel to some inspirational places. This I have done in the form of Charity challenges with Action Aid, Vet Aid and Sense, a charity which supports deaf blind adults and children. Expeditions to Alaska, Kenya, Tanzania and Peru gave me many opportunities to extend my photographic skills in very varied environments.


I have created my own studio gallery in Dalbeattie, The Lever Gallery, which I transformed from a disused dairy that is situated at the end of my property. It is used as my place of work, for meetings, exhibitions, poetry readings and public workshops.


Whilst on a recent scoping expedition on Bass Rock in East Lothian home to 150,000 gannets, I was transported by the serenity and organised chaos of the colony and its inhabitants’ graceful and characterful behaviour. This moment gave me the idea to recreate something of the splendour of this experience in my gallery at home where I explored the interaction of image, movement and sound in a new body of work called ‘Infinite View’. This involved experimenting with new material in an attempt to explore the world of the gannet. I have experimented with printing on silk chiffon instead of photographic paper, and using video instead of still images. I transformed my gallery space by using suspended images as opposed to mounting images on walls. This developed into the Infinite View installation which was very successful during Spring Fling 2015.


I have also explored the interaction of sound and light along with new installation ideas for my ongoing project ‘1000 Faces Scotland’ ( at my gallery (Spring Fling 2013), Loch Arthur (Spring Fling 2015), the Wigtown Book Festival (2014-15) and at the Glencoe Visitor Centre in 2014. I am currently working on a new presentation at Shambellie House for this November.


Each new project generates new challenges and new ideas which spurs my creativity.


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