Esther Batham

Although it is my name on this page, my work is very much a family business. Wild Hedgerow Soaps produces traditional cold process, vegan friendly soap using Scottish foraged ingredients, zero plastic packaging and no palm oil. Ever. What started as a hobby many years ago, Wild Hedgerow Soaps has grown to become an official certified soap business. Check out our website or facebook!



We also have a kiln in the garage in the garden, and use this to turn old greenhouse glass, broken bottles, anything we can get our hands on really, into soap dishes and bowls, or set pieces of glass into wood to create wall plaques. We hate throwing anything away, and are always looking for new ways to recycle and reuse things. When dad first got the kiln he decided he only wanted to use recycled glass, which immediately limited him to clear, green and brown. No big bright colours. Now, as his knowledge, technique and skills have progressed over the years he creates amazing eye catching pieces with a mixture of both recycled glass and art glass. It’s always exciting when a new experiment comes out of the kiln, and learning from the results.

In my own time, I love sewing. I learned the basics from my mum who rarely sews but when she does it has always been an incredibly impressive job – like sewing outfits for me, my sister, and herself when we were invited to a wedding years ago – or turning charity shop curtains into two full medieval dresses, big draped sleeves and all! As my love for sewing has grown myself, I now understand why so much sighing and swearing came from the kitchen whenever she was sewing. When it all goes wrong it can be SO frustrating, but all the more satisfying when something goes seamlessly well. (Ha, get it?) In recent years I’ve created things like fabric board games, toddlers waist coats, bunting, quilts, cushions – I’d love to build up to sewing my own clothes one day.



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  • Kate says:

    Hi Esther
    I would be really interested in chatting to you about some recycled glass panels for some doors.
    Could you call or email me sometime please ? Thank you. Kate

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