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  • Sarah says:

    Hi Morag, hope you are well.I popped into the PA Pop Up shops in C.D and Kirkcudbright today to ask if the dance company I am with “Les Impromptues” could visit the two shops as part of our new piece which we hope to do for DGAF 2019. I was welcomed by the two ladies in each shop and they asked me to visit the website and email as you are a collective. I couldn’t find a general contact email, so I decided to email you, as I have met you before on a few occasions. So they question I would like to ask is-would it be okay to bring the following idea into each of the shops on the SAturday or Sunday of the last weekend in May. We would just enter for an few minutes, then leave. The description is:
    For the proposal DGAF will want a list of venues we intend to visit.

    The venues who say yes would know we were going to arrive in their space but otherwise the public are not in on the secret.

    We arrive discreetly and by surprise as for as the public are concerned and would be inside for a short time and then depart.

    We have some harp music on our mobile sono system which can be at the entrance or in a corner.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    best wishes

    Sara Lockwood (dancer with Les Impromptues)

    Les Impromptues present

    Celebrating dance in everyday life with the kind complicity and welcome of some shops, meeting places and venues in on the secret; Les Impromptues present an inventive and creative performance based on improvisational explorations interspersed with choreographic sequences danced on harp music. The performance builds bridges over distant worlds of art, trade, commerce, people, offering to customers or passers-by an unexpected moment of movement dialogue uniting them in the poetry of everyday life and peaceful human contact.

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