Dave Currie

  “Se fear togul na dealbhan”  – I am a lifter of pictures, a photographer.

Coming from a scientific/technical academic background, I do enjoy the somewhat “geeky” aspects of modern digital photography, but there can be no denying that it is an “art” as much as it is a “science”. I love being able to look at something, see the beauty/interestingness/wonder in it and then be able to share my vision or interpretation of that thing with others through my photographs. It could be the combination of colours, or a shape, a texture; it could be a sense of movement, or stillness, or it could be some other undefinable “character”, but I love being able to capture that single, special moment in time and then share it through the medium.

I enjoy landscape photography and nature in general, mostly, but not exclusively, showcasing the wonder of beautiful  Galloway. Night photography, or astro-photography, however, is one of my specialities. The beauty of the cosmos as viewed from the Galloway Dark Sky Park is both a special challenge and a wonderful opportunity. Photographs of stars are extraordinary captures of moments in time because the light that makes up the photograph may have been travelling for anything between a couple of years and a couple of billion years. Indeed, such photographs are in essence looking back in time, since the furthest stars may have already cooled and died in the time it has taken for their light to reach the camera sensor. I believe that this “depth of time” in photographs of stars can be perceived in the images and even if the concept can be difficult to grasp rationally, the viewer can feel this vastness and depth in a well-captured and displayed photograph.

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