Beth Currie

I design and make crocheted jewellery, crafting organic shapes in natural materials: cotton thread, semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver.

My jewellery evokes a sense of wilderness and connection to the earth.  Inspiration comes from the natural beauty around me and the cycle of the seasons.  I’m also fascinated by symmetrical patterns found in nature – circles, spirals, webs.

I am captivated by the technical challenges of this medium.  Firstly, the challenge of designing artistically pleasing pieces using crochet, which is constrained by the number and layout of stitches.  Secondly, the challenge of “micro-crocheting” – I have continually “gone smaller” as I have developed my craft, now working with 0.5mm hooks and sewing thread.

I delight in working with vibrant colours and combining shades to create striking pieces.  I work across a huge colour palette and often use two threads together, giving almost infinite colour possibilities.






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